The review of React prerequisites all in one place

As we are moving forward with React I want to have a review of React prerequisites all in one place. I will review some of the important links to learn Javascript Es6 features needed to learn React.

Arrow functions

There is no doubt about the importance of arrow functions. They are the most important React prerequisites if we be precise. You can learn about them in this post  and see more examples in this post.


Obviously a great knowledge about classes is far more important than anything prior learning React. Read about them here.

Higher order functions

All methods you use in React are sort of based on higher order function concept like map method. Learn more on the in this post

Spread operator

The spread operator as well is a very useful feature of React prerequisites and it is essential to learn it complete and use it with care especially when copying an object or array. Read about them here.

Map and reduce and other array methods

Although map is not ES6 feature but it is very well could be combined with ES6 features and terminologies. It is very essential as a one of the React prerequisites and should be learnt perfectly especially in making lists in React. Read about map in this post and reduce in this post and more practice also in other array methods in this post

Import and export

Of course one of React prerequisites that you always use and need to take care of in all your applications. Read about them here.

Template literals

Also template literals are good to be learnt like other ES6 features as if you want to write modern Javascript code you will need to understand them. The concept is used in returning data so read about them in this post.

Default parameters

Although they are the last to mention but they are not least important one of React prerequisites. They are far more useful than you can think so learn more about them in this post.

Of course you need to know and learn as much as you can around Javascript to be able to write good code in React. Like for ..of loops which in this post you can have a complete look at them. And many more features that by practice and putting into code will modernise your code in advance. Thanks for reading.

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