The beauty of Javascript

The more I learn about Javascript, the better I understand its world and beauty of coding with it.

Sometimes you might stuck in a very small piece of code and you become angry or frustrated as I became today but at the end you will see that another door is available for you to open and find another world on the other side and enjoy it and cheer up and pat yourself on the back for what you have done.

It is a great feeling to figure out things after a long try. It refreshes mind and helps the brain to restart and continue as if all the search and research and hard work had never happened.

There is always an answer for questions and usually there are more than one. You just have to think about it and find it. And this, simply applies to our life not just coding.

I am determined to do a challenge that I have never done before and I am preparing myself these days and I will write about it and publish it so maybe someone out there get inspired as well.

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Azadeh Faramarzi

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