React or Angular? How much it matters?

I know.  It is a never ending debate. React is a Javascript library but Angular is a complete framework. Everything is based on Javascript coding in react but in angular you have everything seperate. JSX vs Typescript.  

There are lots of articles around this tipic and it will never end. And you know what,  it shouldn’t. Because they will die if there is no comparison.  Thet need this “battle” to improve,  to maintain themselves and get better and better.

So how much it matters to choose which one knowing all aspects of both and decide.  I will tell you.  It does not matter at all. 

What matters is that you build something. You have to “decide what to build” not with which one or so. You need to get your hands dirty and write the code. After it comes the library or framework or whatever neded. 

We mostly forget about this big thing of “doing something” and keep staying in the circle of deciding which technology to choose and loose ourselves in a never ending loop and never really do anything. 

Just forget about them .They don’t really matter. Just code and make your own mark in this world and make yoyrself proud. 

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Azadeh Faramarzi

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