Never start JavaScript frameworks until you know JavaScript well, Lesson learnt

Probably as many of you, I made the same mistake. I jumped into jQuery as I had heard it was easier to learn and skipped JavaScript itself. I thought there will be no need. But by the timeI realised what a mistake I had made. 

If you don’t know how fundamentals work, you can never build a structure, write a query, write some plugins or simply write code. And above all basic must know skills in web development, stands JavaScript, like it or not.

Mastering any skill takes time and effort and courage and perseverance and of course passion and LOVE. And mastering JavaScript is hard and frustrating and time consuming but it will pay off at the end.

Learn JavaScript deeply and then learning any JS library or framework looks easy and full of joy.

I will write more about JavaScript later on as I am focusing on it for the time being before deep diving into react world.


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