JavaScript and React

As I have finished the practical JavaScript course from Gordon Zhu, I feel great about writing JS code. I now think I never really understood it. And that was why I always escaped it and wanted something else (Like angular) to hide it for me with beautify it with Html stuff. But I was very wrong. JavaScript is the most complete and do it yourself language of all by far.

Not that we don’t need JS frameworks but the language itself is so cool and amazing.

I am also learning react and I would say I am loving it. So far, I feel I can do a lot with it if I try. Comparing to Angular, it is easier to learn and more flexible.It is way closer to JavaScript.

In angular, you actually manipulate the Dom which is expensive in terms of performance but in react you just do and change what is needed. You only change the value, not the Dom. You only update the Dom when needed and that is a big difference.

I am still beginner and need to learn and see how it goes by the time but I am determined to make something cool with pure JavaScript and then react.

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