It is all about User Interface, stop the fight and build the web

If you still don’t know ( which is good actually) there has been a lot of talk about the front end divide I call it. About the huge difference between developers who call themselves front end developer but have nothing in common. Eventually though in my opinion it is all about the User Interface. We should stop fighting around it.

User Interface as the goal

As a front end developer we may have very different workflows. Generally we use various tools. Frameworks, bundlers, editors, servers and all that. We all have our own choices and preferences.

User Interface

But at the very end we create User Interfaces for the web. Web in general. We give life to our code. We build stuff and produce beautiful websites and applications: We make the web.

The core of User Interface

From the very beginning web has bee built on top of three major things. Which I would like to call them the core of User Interface.

HTML the core

WE know them. HTML, CSS and Javascript. Some say HTML is the ver core which is right. It is the Structure and without it there is no web.

CSS is there to design it. To make differences and style the core. And that is what makes CSS really hard.

But no one can also ignore the importance of Javascript. It is what lives in the browser to give motion life to the User Interface. To make it function so to speak.

CSS the design

The tech behind the scenes

The fight is pretty much between UX engineers and Javascript engineers. But it is a non necessary fight.

If we understand the core, there is no debate. All the work is towards the same purpose but with different paths.

UX Enginners

They are basically CSS masters which live most of their life inside the browser. Making pretty designs. Therefore they use design pattens , write lots of HTML and CSS and a bit of Javascript.

Javascript the function

Javascript Engineers

They are very skilled Javascript developers.They do pretty much everything in JS. They write HTML and recently most CSS in jS. Therefore they mostly use JS frameworks like React and Angular and Vue and Ember and other JS frameworks to create User Interfaces.

The Great Divide

The fight is about which one is real front end developer. CSS guys or JS guys. Basically I made it very simple to understand. Both. Because it is not about tools and skills and how you make the web.

It is all about the User Interface. We all make websites and applications and we all do it in our own ways. And as long as we respect the real core which is HTML in terms of accessibility and semantics, it doesn’t matter what our title is. The core should be cherished and cared of. And we all are in the same boat making an amazing web for everyone.

Thank you for reading.

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