How to handle tough situations and make decisions

There are times as I stated in this post as well that you might get disappointed. Hence Handle tough situations and make decisions at these times are really difficult and tiresome. You need the change.

Solution seems to be far away

After hours of trying to find a solution to your problem,bug or anything you are working on, you still have got nothing. And of course you have tried everything you can think of. You feel like you are re-researching yourself and fell to be in a circle around yourself. None of your thoughts worked out and even it made it worse. And if it is a technical project problem, you might have missed the deadline or ruined the project. 

Hold on for a moment …

Right moment is that one. When you think it is all for nothing and you have to start again, or you need to leave it or you are tired of trying, it will come to you: The change. **Of your way of thinking or your way of **looking into the problem. You are simply focusing on the wrong thing

Let me give you an example

Lets assume you are working on an element that you need to hide it in some way and as we know if you want that element to be truly hidden without taking a space the best choice is to use display: none; **where needed. But hold on a second. You also still need to have interaction on it and also hid it and you don’t want it in the DOM. Wait. What is the point of hiding it that way then. You are **over thinking it.

Simply use other ways of hiding elements which gives you what you want. And remember, sometimes even in coding not everything is possible. We might need to change the way we need the job to be done. 

In this case we might not really need the element to be hidden after all. Or you might consider using Javascript not CSS todo the job for you. Sometimes focusing on one thing and not opening the door to other solutions could ruin the job. That is why we need to accept the change and think out of the box.

Be your own but ask for help as well

We could still be ourselves while asking for help whenever truly stuck. Not just for work but I suppose in anything. There are tons of resources out there. But I believe the best resources are examples and projects that we could recreate our own ideas from and get what we expect. 

There is a very true expression that I love and always remember and that is:

A good developer copies from others but a great developers steals them.

And that applies to everything if we think different and accept new ideas and believe that sometimes the change is our most precious gift to believe in.

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