Frustration and tiredness is your enemy to improve your skills and grow

Sometimes it is the day of frustration and disappointment. It is bad and discouraging and makes the day rough and harsh. But one thing is very clear: It happens to all of us. This we have in common. We all have experienced the feeling of anger and sadness and frustration and we might have thought that’s it. Time to give up , to go home, to forget the goal, to loose.

What is different about it is how we approach the frustration and if we let it go or keep it and forget.

If you let it play the sad music and climb on your head, you will be the big looser. The one who has given up, the one that wasn’t strong enough to try and try and try and make it work and never forget. Loosing is a big thing and someone who loses a small thing or project, most likely is ready to loose the big one too.

If you let the frustration go, that will n=make the real difference. You don’t just let it go and learn from your mistakes , but you say hello to new thoughts, ideas and you will do new attempts. There is always something to do, to improve, to gain, and to grow.

Grow doesn’t necessarily means promotion or earn money which it can be, but grow your way of thinking and addressing issues. The way of living your ideas. The way to improve and obtain new skills, better achievements and smarter development. We grow as we develop code as well. We improve as we grow and we live better as we improve and this circle can go on and on forever if we choose so and go for it.

So lets stay smart and strong and our life will smile and shine. And never ever give up.

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Azadeh Faramarzi

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