Embrace and Overcome a big change in your job with optimism and acceptance

I would like to share an important experience of mine which was a big change in my job workflow and had a big impact on me i different aspects. Could you ever encounter such changes in your jobs or daily workflow, this might be helpful to you.

The big change

At a time in my workplace where the business was setting up the new structure, my manager asked me for an important chat. He was overwhelmed with the volume of the work and needed help. He was a great tech guy that wasn’t doing tech staff anymore but managing a few departments.

Big Change

He asked me to do some of his admin stuff such as lining up the jobs, managing paper and trays, managing and training remote developers and handing over most of the jobs to them so that I can help him more with internal works. Therefore the goal was for us to build a powerful internal hosting team while all the development job is being done by remotes.

The negative voice

As a default ready voice I asked him if I will be doing any development anymore as I love it and he said the goal is not that. I had to analyse it quickly and see the pros and cons of what I am asked of.

Think and Embrace and Accept the challenge

Surprisingly I thought very welcoming around it. Why? Because I was ready for a change. I cosschecked back of my mind and realised there are many things I wan to learn and explore and freeing up my time will help me on that.

power of acceptance

I knew I could be pretty quick in doing admin stuff . Also I could learn training remote people and it opens up new doors for me to learn new ideas and challenges. So I gladly accepted and embraced the challenge.

Challenges all around

But that was just a beginning. Of course change is never easy. When you are used to have a set workflow especially as a developer, having totally different tasks and things to do is not easy.

Surely admin work is not fun for our like. However it helps to increase attention to details and hurt when you get it wrong.

Training people remotely is a hard work. You have limited time and a lot to get on to. As a result there are questions and challenges that you could never predict.


But on the other hand researching and facing the problems and solving these is a priceless experience.

Honestly it is not something we would want to happen many times in our career.It is so hard and overwhelming. Especially when you think ” No this is not my job, I am a developer “.

Overcome the change and enjoy it

However the less we think about the problems, the less they look like a problem. Therefore we better call them a change. Once you accept the change, your mind constantly looks for ways to find the solutions.

To finish tasks. To answer the questions. It is the power of mind. A positive and optimistic mind.


And I was surprised how I could overcome most chunks of my challenges really quickly. The negative voice is always there to remind you of failing.

But ignore it and remind yourself of the mindset power. The moment the challenge is accepted and faced , you have gone half way to overcome the big change.

Thank you for reading.

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Azadeh Faramarzi

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