CSS level 4 pseudo-class :valid and :invalid explained

In CSS level 4 pseudo-class :valid and pseudo-class :invalid have been introduced to show if a form’s input content is valid or not.

The pseudo-class :valid 

The :valid selector allows you to select <input> elements that contain valid content, as determined by its type attribute. It represents any <input> or other <form> element whose contents validate successfully. It is great for highlighting the input status to the user while they are focused into the input.

/* Selects any valid <input> */
input:valid {
  background-color: green;

The pseudo-class :invalid

The :invalidCSS pseudo-class represents any <input> or other <form> element whose contents fail to validate. It is great for highlighting form input errors:

/* Selects any invalid <input> */
input:invalid {
  background-color: red;

An email field example

As an example imagine we have this email field in our form:

Email: <input type="email" required>

Therefor we add the relevant CSS to show the validity of data here:

input[type=email]:invalid {
  outline: red solid 1px;

input[type=email]:valid {
  outline: green solid 1px;

The input will have red outline until the user starts typing and enters a valid email. Then the outline turns to green.

Notes to remember

A regular “text” input type, which doesn’t require a specific format, is “valid” by default, but would be “invalid” without data if it has the required attribute set.

Also pseudo-class :valid  and pseudo-class :invalid work on the form element itself to show the validity of all inputs. They do not work on div or p or other tags though.

Both pseudo-class :valid and pseudo-class :invalid are supported in all browsers including IE10+.

Accessibility concerns

As these inputs are relying on colour change or background colour changes, for the sake of accessibility it is best practice to use a helper text of an icon to support the idea for colour blindness problem.

**Check out this pen **

In this pen as you type in url it goes red until you type a valid url.  And the email input stays red as long as a valid email hasn’t been typed inside it.

The pseudo-class :valid and :invalid are very interesting and useful if being used with care and considering the accessibility problems.They add an extra visual view to the forms and their inputs. Thanks for reading.

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