CSS grid layouts and CSS new variables? Should we get started?

CSS grid layouts have been out there for quiet sometime now. Also we hear about CSS variables now and then which makes us feel what we are missing? Should we start using them? How many are using them at the moment? What will happen to pre processors then?

CSS grid has proved that it is reliable and flexible. And you can replicate your front end framework like bootstrap with CSS grid layouts right now. Their flexibility and ease of use and more importantly accessibility to DOM put them ahead of all CSS frameworks.

Although there is still improvement needed in their area and the support is not full on, but even now you could build your sites or applications purely with CSS grid.

First, they directly access the DOM which is great and you don’t need JavaScript for that as in CSS frameworks. You can apply your code as you wish.

Also they totally support device width concept which means you can directly change the css layout in different widths without d=needing to change HTML by JAvaScript help. You can manipulate HTML with grid layouts as you need to and change the layout as much and as different as you want.

With the help of FlexBox, their power is even more. To build responsive and creative menus and have flexible, easy to resize containers and layouts.

On the other side, CSS variables are a great achievement in CSS world. To be able to define reusable CSS values and make your CSS code neater then ever, looks like a dream has come true.

Just like pre processors, concept is there. You define the variable that you need to reuse and in different places, just copy that variable value. There are rules to be applied to make sure all is good and supported but the result is very rewarding and enjoyable.

Should we wait until we feel good enough? Or we need a 100% support? No there is no such thing to stop experimenting about CSS GREAT GIFTS for us. We need to use them now and help spread the word until everyone makes the best out of their pure CSS code.

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