insertBefore Function in Javascript

1st June 2018 0

I came across this insertBefore function while I was working and it was interesting that in how many ways you can do what it does in Javascript.  Obviously it takes two parameters of new element and the one to insert data before but I am talking about “what will happen” using this funcrion.   “There is…

By Azadeh

The beauty of Javascript

31st May 2018 0

The more I learn about Javascript, the better I understand its world and beauty of coding with it. Sometimes you might stuck in a very small piece of code and you become angry or frustrated as I became today but at the end you will see that another door is available for you to open…

By Azadeh

JavaScript and React

30th May 2018 0

As I have finished the practical JavaScript course from Gordon Zhu, I feel great about writing JS code. I now think I never really understood it. And that was why I always escaped it and wanted something else (Like angular) to hide it for me with beautify it with Html stuff. But I was very…

By Azadeh

NIK PRO is all about web

1st May 2018 Off

Finally I decided to start. We are here at Nik Pro to talk all about web stuff. It is a huge world around web, but we are ready to embrace it and become part of it. It is not that easy to do something that you have always dreamed of but when you start,  you…

By Azadeh