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Styling components in React without third-party libraries

27th October 2018 0

Basically three are three ways of styling components in React without using any other libraries like styled components. We will cover them all in this article with different examples. Style components with inline styling Generally we know inline styling as the very first and basic styling in CSS. It is perfectly safe and clean to…

By Azadeh

Build a local React blog application : part 1

10th October 2018 2

I wish to explain how to build a local React blog application in a series of articles. This will be a local version and afterwards we will build one with a realtime API server. Generally in our local application we are able to add and remove posts from our app although the changes will not…

By Azadeh

The React component lifecycle in update stage: shouldComponentUpdate() and componentDidUpdate(): part 2

4th October 2018 0

Following previous article about mounting stage in React component lifecycle, here we explain two important methods in the update stage. We will have a look at shouldComponentUpdate() and componentDidUpdate(). shouldComponentUpdate() Generally shouldComponentUpdate() is considered a useful but tricky and sometimes confusing lifecycle method. We must know when should we use it and when not. Typically its…

By Azadeh