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Build a local React blog application : part 1

10th October 2018 2

I wish to explain how to build a local React blog application in a series of articles. This will be a local version and afterwards we will build one with a realtime API server. Generally in our local application we are able to add and remove posts from our app although the changes will not…

By Azadeh

Use cases of findIndex(), find() and indexOf() methods in Javascript ES6

8th October 2018 0

Today I had a challenge with array indexes and finding the right element to delete in an application. In this article I want to explain findIndex(), find() and indexOf() methods in Javascript. findIndex(), find() and indexOf() methods Definitively we have the descriptions of these three useful methods: With findIndex() method we return the index of the first element…

By Azadeh

Exciting Async function combine with await expression to replace promises in ES6: part 1

5th October 2018 0

Just like other ES6 features async function and await expression made a huge difference inside Javascript language. Combining these two we can better control promises and replace them when needed. Async function declaration Technically async function defines an asynchronous function that has an implicit Promise to return its result. We simply add async to the…

By Azadeh